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Susan Levy

Have you ever had trouble teaching your child the alphabet? Did it make you especially crazy when you couldn’t get your boy to pay attention? This is what was happening in my home. I am by profession a teacher and my 15 years of experience in education was not helping me engage my three year old son to learn his ABC’s. I needed a new approach to help my son (and hopefully your children too) learn the alphabet. I started thinking about how to hold a boy’s attention and make them laugh while learning. The only topic that would hold my son’s attention for more than a few minutes was anything and everything to do with potty humor. Boys love potty humor! This “aha” moment was what ignited the creation of He’s All Boy! I began making a list of “funnier” words to pique my son’s interest in learning his letters. The result? Colorful and engaging flash cards that use funny words and hilarious illustrations to teach the alphabet and help boys learn in a way that works for them! I’m currently developing more innovative products that make learning, recognizing and remembering everything from ABC’s to 1,2,3’s fun for boys!

Our Mission

At He’s All Boy, our goal is to engage boys in the learning process through laughter and play.  By tapping into a boys unique and often gross sense of humor we are capturing their attention and providing tools to help them focus on learning while having silly fun! Our products jump outside of the box and land in the imaginative and often stinky world of little boys.