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A Denver mom has invented a new way to do flash cards. They’re made just for boys — using potty words. Susan Levy stopped by to explain her new product on the Everyday Show. See Alpha Cards featured on FOX 31 The “Everyday” Show

Boys do love their toilet humor.

Denver resident Susan Levy knows that and when her 3-year-old son was struggling to learn his ABCs, she decided to try something out after she found he wasn’t responding to his ABC flash cards….

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You probably already know that most boys love toilet humor. And a parent of boys, you’ve already figured out that the traditional sit-down-and-learn approach doesn’t work well for many boys.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably used those facts to your advantage. Like many parents, I placed magnetic letters on my fridge, hoping to entice my kids to build words. Nothing. Until I carefully arranged the letters to make a sentence about poop. Soon, I had 5 boys — my 4, plus a friend — gathered around my fridge, competing to see who could create the grossest sentence.

That’s why I think these flash cards are a brilliant idea….

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Alpha Cards were created by a former elementary teacher/mom of an inquisitive boy.  But don’t be mislead, these are not your average alphabet flash cards!  Realizing how obsessed little boys can be with silly or gross words and images she tapped into their passion to teach them their ABCs.

I trialed the Alpha Cards on my soon-to-be, five-year old kindergartener, and it was so much fun.  He squealed with  laughter and danced with delight as the cards got sillier and grossier. For example, the letter P is a pig pooping, and the letter N is a naked ninja. He just lost it and rolled around laughing. For 35 minutes we separated all 26 cards out on the floor, putting them in different orders and categories. Eventually I left to do some housework and he kept on playing with them solo for another 20 minutes…

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