Alpha Cards:
Memory Match Game



Make recognizing, learning and remembering ABC’s fun for your kids

  • Laughter may lead to wetting your pants when your child plays with the 52 ABC matching cards
  • Let’s turn potty talk into a positive with silly words and hilarious illustrations
  • Teach the alphabet with just the right amount of gross mixed with a ton of funny!
  • Boogers wipe off easily with the glossy coating on both sides of the ABC memory matching cards
  • Engaging letter and sound recognition featuring both upper and lowercase letters

This ABC matching game is a great early learning tool to help your kid learn the alphabet. The bright illustrations and funny words will keep your child engaged in learning the ABC’s. Teaching the alphabet can be a challenge, but with Alpha Cards Memory Matching Game your child will love learning.

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Memory is a skill we use everyday!

Have fun with your child playing this alphabet memory matching game. These educational playing cards make searching for matching letters a great tool for learning the alphabet. Your children will be engaged while learning their ABC’s when they search for a matching pair of bears with a big green booger instead of boring balls.