We Pee.



1-2-3..Oops! You just peed! Peed in your pants that is… because of this hilarious counting book…Each page you will be delighted and disgusted as you visit a little boys bathroom. Imagine the boys bathroom in your child’s preschool…a lack of aim and focus can create quite a mess. Now imagine counting more and more boys going into that bathroom. A great book to make potty training laugh out loud fun! Luckily this is not a scratch and sniff book! Have fun counting the boys in the bathroom and marveling in the gross details as the bathroom gets messier and messier.

How can this book help my child learn to read you ask? Here is the research based answer:

  • The text and illustrations encourage children to anticipate words, phrases or events.
  • Predictable books are a great step in the reading developmental process because they are engaging and interesting to young kids. The listener can also participate in the reading.
  • Repetitive phrases can help children follow story lines and more fully understand the sequence in a story.
  • Predictable books make it easier for a child to read the story with fluency and rhythm resulting in more confidence in their ability to read!
  • The illustrations are bright, colorful and filled with small details that encourage the reader to revisit the pages time and time again.
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Board books with a twist featuring potty humor, hilarious illustrations & simple sentences. A perfect addition to your child’s library.