“Get a Boyish Twist on the ABCs with He’s All Boy Alpha Cards”

Review from Eighty MPH Mom

“These flashcards are definitely not your average alphabet cards. These are amazingly gross, hilariously funny, and certainly “all boy.” Every single card is completely and utterly designed specifically for little boys and my own little dudes could not be more entertained by them. I absolutely love the fact that someone actually had the smarts (and the nerve) to make these! It’s sheer genius!”

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“Learning & Laughing in Leaps And Farts”

Review from Mom Start

“They were cracking up even more last night when they were reading them for the first time. They would look at them over and over and over again and it’s good for both of them at their own levels. Zoe is learning how to read and Miles is learning word sounds.”

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“He’s All Boy ALPHA Cards: Sure to Make Him (and her) Laugh and Learn”

Review from The Children’s Nook

“I am raising two fun-loving little boys that I adore, but I will never claim to understand their love of fart jokes. Susan Levy, President of He’s All Boy Inc., has found a brilliant way to make learning fun for our adorably gross little boys.” “These cards entertained my boys for hours. We practiced the alphabet, made up games, and much more.” “He’s All Boy flashcards may be inspired by little boys but these silly flashcards are fun for girls as well. The set is complete with 26 cards designed to make you laugh and have fun learning.”

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“He’s All Boy Alpha Flash Cards Capture Attention”

Review from Mommy’s Memorandum

“In the past we have had Disney Princess flash cards, generic flash cards and they did the job. With He’s All Boy Alpha Cards, Li’l Man is loving his reading and speech practice!” I love that these cards have ended the fight that once was our “practice”. Li’l Man is now eager to read and I can help him with his enunciation. He giggles and we’ve agreed as long as he’s using the cards, the words will be okay…”

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“Back To School Looks Giveaway”

Review from Crazed Mind

“My lil grandson is all go go go. He is on and off in seconds. From running around being a super hero to begging to play the Wii and then hurt feelings for not being chosen first. We know that boys are all tough but they are also sensitive creatures. So of course when he is laughing I am at my happiest. So what helps the lil man laugh? How about learning? Yeah, learning! Well that is if you have the chance to gear learning to the way boys think.”  “I promise you it is worth the giggles that come.  Memory is a skill we use everyday!  Have fun with your child while building their power of memory with Alpha Cards: The Matching Game.”

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“He’s All Boy Alpha Cards”

Review from Faith and Family Reviews

“Every card he laughed out loud at, and when we went through the entire deck he wanted to do them again. These Alpha Cards are an absolute GREAT learning tool to get kids excited about their letters. These cards are also nice because they are larger than most making them very kid-friendly. They are also thicker and have a shine to them so they would be easy to clean.”

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“He’s All Boy! Alpha Cards”

Review by Life with Levi

“We’re using He’s All Boy Alpha Cards to start to work on his alphabet recognition…The Alpha Cards have captured Evan’s attention and will be a key tool in preparing him with early core alphabet skills. If you think your son (or even daughter–Arianna sure wasn’t shy to giggle at the cards) would love a set of these cards or other “all boy”-geared products, you can visit the He’s All Boy website.”

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“How to get your son to read”

Review from Cool Mom

“I was thinking of how to connect with him on learning letters, a couple of words when I got pitched to review alphabet flash cards that are called “He’s All Boy”. I’m not paid to write this, I liked the idea and it’s a kickstarter funded product created by a mom and teacher.  “All kids love poo poo cacka jokes ( not sure how to spell ka-ka), but boys REALLY love them…that’s what I like about these cards. Hit them where they live.”

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“Flashcards for those Raising Little Boys”

Review from Happily Blended

“What is more fun than learning letters and words through the imagination of a boy? My sons had a laugh of a time checking out these flash cards which will be perfect in my mission to teach my somewhat stubborn & difficult to work with five year old.”

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“He’s All Boy ABC Alpha Cards Review”

Review from Kids, Clutter and Chaos

“So what did my boys think of the cards? Well the photos should tell you all you need to know. Bursting with laughter (mom and dad too) and eager to look at card after card made for a fun afternoon of learning. Your kids will say booger, fart, doo-doo, poop and more anyway so why not put those words to good use!”

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“Alpha Cards Designed with Silly Boys in Mind”

Review from That’s It! Mommy

“These are not your average alphabet flash cards! Realizing how obsessed little boys can be with silly or gross words and images she tapped into their passion to teach them their ABCs…I trialed the Alpha Cards on my soon-to-be, five-year old kindergartener, and it was so much fun. He squealed with laughter and danced with delight as the cards got sillier…”

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“A New Way to Teach Your Son the Alphabet”

Review from Smart Mom Picks

“I think this flashcard set would be a hit with most young boys. (And, honestly, the toilet humor in this flashcard set isn’t anything worse that your child is going to encounter on the playground or by watching cartoons on cable TV.)”

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“He’s All Boy ABC Flash Cards: make learning fun”

Review from Behavioral Child

“These funky flashcards capitalize on the idea that words like poop and doodoo are so very easy for children to learn and retain. Pairing words to letters is the cornerstone of learning to read, but I don’t think flashcards have ever been this clever.”

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“Make learning silly with He’s All Boy Alpha Cards”

Review from SAHM of a Drama Queen & a Prince

“The graphics are beautiful. The images are just too funny, there is nothing like a cartoon bear picking his nose or a farting fox. Not only are they vibrant and colorful, but very cute. I am so happy we’ve had the chance to check them out because I never would have known they existed.”

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“Introducing ABC flash cards guaranteed to make him (and her) laugh & learn”

Review from New Age Mama

“I want to say THANK YOU to Levy for creating flashcards that are different from all the other flashcards out there! Education + entertainment = priceless!”

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“Make Learning Your ABC’s Fun w/ He’s All Boy Alpha Card Flash Cards”

Review from Inspired from Savannah

“As for my nephew, he loved the Alpha Cards, too. He had trouble with remembering the correct sequence of “TUVWX,” up until using these cards. But, with the help of He’s All Boy ABC Cards, he know can recite his ABC’s in the correct order, each and every time. And, when he is playing with the girls, and they are saying the ABC’s, he is quick to remind them about the silly words and illustrations from this flash card deck. So, not only is he learning his ABC’s with this deck of cards, but he is also remembering what he sees and the new words he has learned.”

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